Intro 3 – Enhanced Blocking Feature

August 12th, 2014

Enhanced Blocking Featurecan be used by parents to prohibits the use of any app and completely blocks your child’s device from being used, with the restriction screen appearing in place of the normal lock screen. This is the highest level of restriction DinnerTime Plus has to offer.

When Enhanced Mode is off (default setting) and a restriction is currently active, your child is able to access permitted apps and the main menu. However, the Enhanced Lock Feature prohibits the use of any app, even permitted ones. 

The extremities of this feature is great if you believe your child’s device addiction is getting out of hand and want them to take extensive time off of their device with absolutely no app access.



Enhanced Lock Feature

From the Parent’s app, go to Settings –> Connected Devices –> Enhanced Lock Feature

Enhanced Lock Feature provides the highest level of restriction control. When one of the three restriction modes are on (Dinner Time, Bed Time, Take A Break, Device Time Limit), you can turn on Enhanced Lock Mode, which then completely locks your child’s device from being used. Your child will see nothing but the Lock restriction screen until you disable the restriction.