Intro 4 – Setting Time Limits

August 12th, 2014

Device usage is very important data that you can use to understand exactly how much time your child is spending on their device. Device Time Limit and App Time Limit serve to curb your child’s mobile device usage to encourage more social interactions and better family time!

Device Time Limit

Let’s take a look at Device Time Limit.

With Device Time Limit, your child’s device time can be controlled by you, the parent, and you will be able to see in real time how much time your child has spent using his device!

Parents can setup device time limit daily, by weekdays or weekend. Parents can also choose which apps should be counted toward the device time limit. For example, parents may want to exclude reading apps while keeping all gaming apps counted toward the device time limit.


In the Monitor section, click Time Limit to view how much time your child has been using their device for the day. If you’d like to have a daily time limit on their device, you can easily do so. This feature is reset at midnight based on your local time zone.

Dinner Time has a real time monitoring feature that accurately displays the amount of time your child has spent on their device.


Olivia’s daily time limit is now set to two hours. On her device, there is a monitor screen when she opens the Dinner Time app. Since she’s been using her device for 1 hour and 19 minutes, she only has 41 minutes left to use her device for the day.

By knowing your child’s device usage, you can get a better understanding of their device addiction and motivate them to spend less time on their phone or tablet and spend more time with the rest of the family!


App Time Limits

App Time Limits provide the ability to block the usage of apps on a daily basis. If you find it alarming that your child uses apps like Facebook, Snapchat, or YouTube for prolonged periods of time, then you can set time limits for individual apps.

From the Apps tab, click on any app to set its Daily Time Limit.

These daily time limits are cumulative starting from midnight, meaning that if you want to add an extra hour after your child has spent their, for example, 1 hour daily time limit, you should set the daily time limit to 2 hours.