DinnerTime Plus

A smarter solution to parental control.

More quality time for the family
Get the kids back to the dinner table

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ZeroPC DinnerTime Plus is a user-friendly app parents can download to remind their children about taking time out from their mobile devices to study, get the sleep they need, and of course, enjoy mealtime as a family. Features include Dinner Time, Bed Time and Take a Break control options.

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ZeroPC DinnerTime Plus also provides many advanced parental control functionalities.

  • Set time limits for how long your children can use both the app and the device
  • Display real-time status of your children’s device and which app is currently running
  • Blocked apps (e.g. during exam time)
  • Detailed device usage reporting

What People are Saying About Us...

Good Morning America

“The new app designed to create more quality time with your kids. This is brilliant.”

- Good Morning America -

The Next Web

“Your job as a parent isn’t to be popular with your kids. Your job is to teach them respect and responsibility, which often requires you to firmly lay down the laws of the house. And DinnerTime Plus should make this task slightly easier… the simplicity of DinnerTime Plus should see it garner some fans”

- The Next Web -


“If you have more relaxed rules on screens in your home and have trouble getting your kids to put down their screens to do anything else -- namely, come to the dinner table when called -- then you might try the DinnerTime Plus app”

- CNET -


“Parents struggling to get their children away from smartphones and tablets for meals, homework, exercise and other activities can arm themselves with new apps to remotely block access to the devices”

- Reuters -


“Frustrated parents at wits’ end take heed. A group of mobile app developers have introduced a new app called DinnerTime Plus Parental Control for iPhone or Android smartphones, which puts the power switch back in the hands of parents, allowing them to limit the time their children access their devices”

- RT -


“Meal times can often turn into a refueling mission for the family while everyone focuses on their gadgets and not each other. The DinnerTime Plus app was built to fix that issue and help families spend more time together by allowing parent's to lock their children's gadgets”

- Pocket-lint -


“The DinnerTime Plus app is the simplest solution you'll find for parents who want to give their kids time-outs from their phones and tablets”

- Lifehacker -


“So get your kids off their phones and have some good, old-fashioned family fun — download DinnerTime Plus”

- RYOT -


“This powerful app steps in to be the parent you’re afraid to be”

- NewsFix -


“Do your kids spend dinner time playing with iPads or smartphones? Try this app”

- BGR -
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